How to prepare for you session

Choose clothing that compliments you. Pastel or light colors work best on light backgrounds. Medium to dark-colors work best on dark backgrounds. Avoid bold plaids and stripes as they can dominate the portrait. Avoid sleeveless garments.

Props and Hobbies
Your portrait should reflect your interests and personality. You are welcome to bring items that can be used as props such as a sports uniform or a letter jacket, musical instruments, a football, toys, etc.


We suggest that you wear your usual style. Don’t try anything new for your portrait because it will not look natural. Haircuts are suggested at least a week before your session.


If you wear eyeglasses, you may want to visit your optometrist and have the lenses removed or borrow a pair of empty frames.

Make-Up and Blemishes

Using make-up correctly will considerably enhance your portrait and reduce the cost of negative retouching.