Prints & Processing

It is easy to have your digital photos printed with true photographic quality and image stability. Quality 1 Hr. Foto/SPX  prints all digital files using professional photographic paper. The resulting print has the dryness, flatness and archival quality of the best conventional color photographs.

Uploading Your Digital Images - How It Works

Click the link to the right that says "Upload Your Digital Images." First time users will be asked to install and run "XUpload - Upload Control". This is a very small program (Java Applet) that downloads and installs very quickly.

On the upload page you will be presented with a screen to select your files and upload them for printing. You can select single images, multiple images, or entire folders of images. When you are done selecting your photos, simply click "Upload", and a box will pop up to let you know how the upload is progressing.

When the upload is complete, you will be taken to a web page with thumbnail images of your files, and a menu to order your prints. After completing your order you'll need to fill out some information so we can identify your order.

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Photo Cards

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